Create Content When You Are Inspired

I saw this advice recently shared on social media for business owners/professionals – "If you're only showing up on Instagram once a week or less, don't even bother." While I agree that consistency matters, I strongly disagree with posting every single day because you feel obligated. Here's what you should do instead of forcing social posts when inspiration isn't striking, you're really busy, etc.:

  • Keep your followers updated! If something is going on, keep in touch with them, whether it’s via stories, email marketing, or a quick post.
  • Create content when you ARE inspired. Work with photographers who take a bunch of photos to build content that you can use for a while, that way there’s no pressure to constantly work on developing new content.

Do you feel pressure to post every day?

When it comes to social – slow and steady (still) wins the race. Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint! You don’t need to keep up with all of the new features and platforms.

Consistently deliver quality content that speaks to your audience on the platforms they are on and you will shine on social.

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